6:23 p.m. - 2002-10-16

listening to: the purring of dear Scooter, sitting on my lap.

oh! i just talked to my precious Ron! what a good boy! lots of fun New York stories, and he estimates he'll be out there until the end of november. he was supposed to be back the start of October. I emailed him a shopping list for Sephora, and also a request for an authentic I heart NY tshirt. Bil was wearing one last night, and Andrea and I thought he should cut the sleeves off of it, until he showed us his *gasp!* hairy shoulders!

i visited with my mama after work today which was funny, then Holly and I went on a walk.

I was kind of pissed off at Patrick last night/half of today, because I'm a loser, and he had mentioned yesterday that he "MIGHT" come visit me at Mega last night. Well, he didn't, which led to me getting somewhat huffy, then I got home last night at like, 11:30pm, and he called me, and was like "hey" like "Yeah, I'm a-ok, didn't do anything wrong" and I was like "yeah.whatever.yes.no.bye" super short with him. Then I was stormy all day at work today, just sitting at my desk semi-fuming, until about 3pm when I called to check my messages, and oh! so cute - he left me a message at 7:10am "hey - i hoped i could catch you before you left for work - i just wanted to tell you to have a good day..." etc... OH! so cute! so super.

Me and Holly went to Shoppers Drug Mart today. we picked up baskets in the entrance, and were like "fuck" because we're very bad shopping influences on each other. I remember once, I told Holly that it was a good investment to spend $25 on a pack of postcards (They were so cute)and I don't recall ever seeing them after that day... I wonder where they are.

I called Jill for legal advice yesterday, which is sort of funny, now that I think about it, and Charlie gave me the number of the Night Gallery's lawyer which is double funny... legal advice. lawyer. hilarious. Jill's advice was sound though, and I did as she told me, and I feel much better about the whole thing.

I am glad to have paul and his smart-assed comments in my notes. i love Paul. (shor-t) i remember back in the day when I had a crush on Paul, and he had long flowing locks, we went to devonian gardens, and he gave me a leather wrist cuff, only to ASK FOR IT BACK mere weeks (maybe days?!)later! man. MEN.

I'm off to the Drum to eat w i n g s. maybe. I'm not sure.

but probably.

xo Twyla.

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