1:15 p.m. - 2004-02-09

today I was walking to meet Ron at the Good Earth, and some guy stopped me - he was from Global News, and here's what happened: (the camera wasn't rolling! phew!)

HIM: do you live in the area?

ME: yes

HIM: have you had any problems with car break-ins?

ME: no. not at all.

HIM: how long have you lived down town and blah blah blah lots of other questions... then -

HIM: and do you park underground, or on the street?

ME: I don't have a car...

then he gave me the worst look for wasting his time, and I walked away, knee slapping myself because I'm so great.

Then I ate some delicious Good Earth Soup. Then I painted a fantastic picture of diamonds and dollar signs. Then Ron and I went on a walk, and we went to the Glenbow Museum. Then, to McNally Robinson bookstore, then to The Camera Shop, then to Safeway.

Here's what I made for dinner: Chicken Breast x 1, marinated in my own special marinade: the juice of one lime, 1 tsp of lime rind, 2 tbsps ginger juice*, dash of olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic (minced) and tsp of brown sugar. Only I didn't measure that stuff out, that's just what I imagine the measurments may have been. How did I get ginger juice are you wondering? Well, I grated a piece of ginger that was roughly the size of my pointer finger (pointer sister?!) and then realized I had no cheese cloth to squeeze it with, so I used a small piece of my silkscreening silk, and it worked wonders!

Then I cut up an onion, and swizzled it all up in a wok type thing. I made some coconut rice, and now here I am - happy and full and about to go on a walk with Holly & Veronica.

My week is screwed, dude. It all started yesterday, Sunday, when I had to work. That really fucked me up, because it made me feel weird. Tomorrow will be normal, but Wednesday & Thursday I have to work nights, Friday will be normal, and Saturday partially normal, but again - I have to work that night. Poor me, working the night of Valentines Day, but oh fuck yeah - I DON'T HAVE A DATE ANYWAY!!

xo Twyla.

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