12:36 a.m. - 2004-04-08

listening to: Bon Jovi - Born To Be My Baby

Bon Jovi didn't write very good lyrics, but I still think the idea of this song is really fuckin' cute - if some boy sang the line "Cause you were born to be my baby And baby, I was made to be your man" I'd be all swoony.

My mom's sisters kids (so I guess that would be MY COUSINS)were/are these super small town girls (one was named "barbie"...like, Legally...)and they used to come up to visit us, and they got this cat, and they named it Bon Jovi. Hilarious. To this day I can still remember how hard I was laughing in the car in the parking lot of Northland Mall. Bon Jovi. Then their dad, (my uncle!)"gave the cat away" (i think he tossed it in the river)and my cousins said the uncle said Bon Jovi went "on tour"... and they lived in this weird shack that had a huge hole right in the middle of the kitchen floor. that place was fucked. I'd like to go back there so I could understand it better now, but my Aunt took off, and I don't know what happened to the rest of them. Sometimes my mom gets postcards from that Aunt, like from Graceland, just saying "drove past...." and that's it! fucked.


last night was cute. I was expecting NOT to see craigger, because it was his Karaoke night, and I was going to eat shrimp with Jill, Lisa & Tracy and then we were going to go to Metric. But then Craig showed up at Shrimp, and I was secretly so happy. So cute, dude! he's the greatest. And everyone likes him. When Pat used to stagger in on a girls night it was like "ok. let's all go home" but Craig isn't this overbearing, conversation stealing type of guy. he's just cute and nice. except for when he's farting. Then we dropped him off at Karaoke to meet Wade, but nobody was there, so he came to Metric. What a treat. Except for that the Metric show was the worst show I've seen in the last 5 months. Holy shit. Smoke some more crack, lady - you're fucked!

Now - I took some ECP's, I am about to start puking, and I'm weighing out the pro's and con's of calling in sick to work:

Pro - would prefer puking at home

Con - feel bad about calling in sick

Pro - can maybe do a few loads of laundry

Con - will have lots to catch up on

Pro - can catch up on daytime TV

Con - will miss the big Sony & Universal "up & comers" that are stopping by the shop today (or is that a pro? yes - that is a pro!)

ok. i really am going to puke!

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